Answering Services

Step 1: Your Customer Calls
We understand that you are a busy business owner, and you can't always get to the phone when it rings. That's where we come in. We offer the following options:
  • We provide a number. We can set up an exclusive toll-free number for you that can be easily added to your website or any customer-facing documentation. This is especially beneficial if you plan to have us answer 100% of your calls. This option is ONLY available with our Platinum Package.
  • You forward your number. There are many different ways that call-forwarding can be handled. The most common methods are: fowarding if your main line is busy; forwarding if there is no answer on your main line; or forwarding 100% of the time.
Step 2: We Answer.
We will work together to design a script that will create exactly the experience you want your customers to have. Whether you want to feel like a large corporation or a small family business, we can make it happen. Our dedicated, in-house answering team is both friendly and professional, ready to be trained to serve you and your customers with excellence.

Step 3: Your Customer is Served.
We know that simply having a real, live person answer a phone call from your customers is the personal touch that most customer service experiences need, but we can offer even more to you and your customers. Please see our Features & Pricing page for our extensive list of offerings.

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